Job Informations
Position in the job title list Position: 5
Role Associate Professor
Academic disciplines in the curricula SUPPLY AND SALE MANAGEMENT, RISK MANAGEMENT
Scientific Area Management
Job Description Associate Professor
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Minimum wage for classification 2300 lei
Calendar of the job application contest
Announcement publication date in the Official Monitor 2012-08-02
Registration period
Begin End
2012-08-06 2012-09-24
Date of the lecture 2012-10-10
Time of the lecture 08:00:00
Place for the lecture no. 5, Mihai EMinescu Street, postal code 440014, Satu Mare
Examination period
Begin End
2012-10-10 2012-10-10
Results communication period
Begin End
2012-10-12 2012-10-12
Results appeal period
Begin End
2012-10-15 2012-10-19
Job application contest topics Theme at SUPPLY AND SALE MANAGEMENT 1. Commercial management principles 2. Management functions and trade decision 3. Procedural and structural organization of the commercial company 4. Management informational system of the commercial company 5. Management systems, methods and techniques 6. Managerial staff of the commercial company 7. Social responsibility and managerial ethics in the commercial company References: Bălan, C., „Logistica”, Ed. a III-a, Ed. Uranus, Bucuresti, 2006 Miclaus, I.M., - Management, Ed. Dacia, Cluj Napoca, 2005 Scriosteanu, A., „Managementul aprovizionării”, Ed. Universitaria, Craiova, 2005 Theme at RISK MANAGEMENT 1. From the rational activity carried out under conditions of risk 2. Risk and uncertainty factors in the economy 3. Decision theory and economic risk 4. Financing investment projects and their risks 5. Risk capital allocation process 6. Business risk and financial risk 7. Risk on capital market References Merna, T., Al-Thani, Faisal, F., Corporate risk management: an organisational perspective, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2005 Prunea, P., -Riscul în act ivitatea economica, Ed. Economica, Bucuresti, 2003
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Job application contest procedures • At least 45 minutes public lecture in which the candidate presents the most significant previous professional results and the academic career development plan. This test must contain a session of committee and public questions. • Analysis of competition documents. Competitions are open: - The competition is open to persons who meet the conditions for entering the competition, without any discrimination, under the law; - There can not be established discriminatory provisions of candidates by gender, ethnic or social origin, nationality, religion or belief, disabilities, political, social or economic condition; - There can not be conditions that refer to seniority and provisions can not be established to disadvantage candidates from outside the institution or outside the country. Competition commission evaluates the candidate in relation to the following aspects: - Relevance and impact of scientific results of the candidate; - Candidate's ability to guide students and young researchers; - The candidate's teaching skills for jobs that provide educational activities; - Candidate's ability to transfer knowledge and results to the economic and social environment or to popularize their scientific results; - Candidate's ability to work in team and its scientific collaborations efficiency, depending on the specific field of the candidate; - Candidate's ability to conduct research and development; - The candidate's professional experience in institutions other than the institution which took the position in the competition, especially experience in higher education and research institutions from the list approved by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, developed according to art. Paragraph 216. (2) letter f) of Law no. 1/2011. Standards related to functions are minimum and required demands to entry the competition for those positions and are referred to as university standards. Candidates must meet all requirements of minimum national standards and the university standards for each teaching and research position wishing to participate in the competition.
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List of documents In order to enter the competition for a teaching and research position, the candidate prepares a dossier containing at least the following documents: - Application for the competition, signed by the candidate, including an affidavit about the veracity of the informations; - Proposal to develop the candidate's academic career in terms of teaching, in case of teaching positions and also in terms of scientific research; the proposal shall be made by the candidate, it includes more than 10 pages and is one of the main criteria of selecting candidates. - Curriculum vitae of the candidate, printed and electronically; - List of candidate’s works, printed and electronically; - A sheet verifying the fulfillment of university standards of presentation in the competition, whose standard format is required by its own methodology. The verified sheet is completed and signed by the candidate; - Documents which relate to the degree of doctor: copy of the diploma of doctor and, if the original doctor's degree is not recognized in Romania, certificate of recognition or equivalence thereof; - Summary of the thesis in Romanian and a foreign language, or, where applicable, habilitation thesis on no more than one page for each language; - The candidate's affidavit indicating incompatibility situations stipulated by Law no. 1/2011 as they are for winning the competition or lack of such situations of incompatibility; - Copies of other diplomas demonstrating the candidate’s studies; - Copy of identity card or, if the candidate does not have an identity card, passport or other identity document issued in an equivalent identity purpose; - If the candidate has changed his name, copies of documents certifying the name change - marriage certificate or proof of name change; - More than 10 publications, patents and other papers of the candidate, in electronic format, selected by him and considered to be most relevant for their professional achievements.
Address for the job applications no. 5, Mihai EMinescu Street, postal code 440014, Satu Mare
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Name:President: Miclaus Ioan Marian Associate Professor PhD., Commercial Academy Satu Mare
Members:Andreica Marin Professor PhD., ASE Bucharest, Hincu Daniela Professor PhD., ASE Bucharest, Banacu Cristian Professor PhD., ASE Bucharest, Andreica Cristina Associate Professor PhD., Commercial Academy
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